New Report: Cruel Irony the Food Insecurity of Restaurant Workers

Posted on Jul 24 2014

Today,Food Chain Workers Alliance along with Alliance member ROC-NY and Food First released a new report,Food Insecurity of Restaurant Workers, a first comprehensive look at food security and employment conditions of workers in the restaurant industry. The report, based on over 280 surveys and interviews with restaurant workers in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area, highlights the crucial...

Five Years of Food Workers Rising!

Posted on Jun 25 2014

On July 16 in NYC: Celebrate Five Years of Food Workers Rising! Join the Food Chain Workers Alliance at our anniversary party “Celebrating 5 Years of Food Workers Rising” on Wednesday July 16. In these past five years, there has been an increase in public awareness about food workers and many food workers have stood up courageously against injustice. Karen Washington will be the keynote speaker...

FCWA Solidarity Statement in Support of Walmart workers

Posted on Jun 05 2014

Walmart: Home of Low Wages  A statement on the Walmart Economy Across the country, Wal-Mart workers have been raising their voices calling on the world’s largest private employer to publicly commit to end illegal retaliation against workers and to provide better jobs and better working conditions. As the country’s largest employer of women, with $16 billion in annual profits, Wal-Mart could single-handedly...

Recap of FCWA Cesar Chavez Day of Action

Posted on Mar 28 2014

César Chávez Day of Action: March 31st, 2014 R Castle, Graduate Social Work Student, Food Chain Workers Alliance April 7, 2014 Driving the scenic route to the House of Representatives offices gave me a little time to ponder what our day would look like and what impact we would have for our César Chávez Day of Action in Washington DC. While I don’t have an answer for the latter, I can tell...

Free Trade vs. Fair Trade

Posted on Mar 24 2014

*Check out the Fair World Project‘s new video that highlights how current free trade agreements harm family farmers and workers in the global north and south. Learn how you can support Fair Trade brands and policies that place people before profits.  

The Other NRA

Posted on Mar 19 2014

With an annual budget of more than $65 million, the National Restaurant Association’s fleet of lobbyists descends on Capitol Hill every April to pressure our elected officials into voting for unsavory policies that benefit the NRA’s corporate members at the public’s expense. In a startling example of its power, the NRA has been the leading player in blocking wage increases for restaurant...

Union-Made FCWA T-Shirts!

Posted on Dec 13 2011