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The Fair Food Program’s new label debuted this past Friday. The label will be available to all grocery stores and restaurants that participate in the Fair Food Program. Participants in the Program pay a small premium when they buy Florida tomatoes, with the premium going to increase wages for farmworkers. They also commit to a worker-created Code of Conduct to ensure safe working conditions and prevent forced labor, sexual harassment and child labor in the fields.

The label, which was nearly five years in the making while the Fair Food Program was hard at work in the fields cleaning up generations of exploitation and abuse, was greeted with real excitement by consumers, food movement groups and media outlets alike as the next big step in the movement to build a more modern food industry that respects fundamental human rights.

Huffington Post Live conducted an interview on the morning of the launch with Kerry Kennedy, President of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, about the significance of the label.  Check out the video above for an excerpt from the interview with Kerry (if you want to watch the the full interview, click here).  Down in Florida, the Ft. Myers News-Press published a very strong, front page story situating the Fair Food label as the most recent milestone in a remarkable year for the Fair Food Program.

The Ft. Myers News-Press published a very strong, front page story situating the Fair Food label as the most recent milestone in a remarkable year for the Fair Food Program. Read the article here!

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