The Food Chain Workers Alliance focuses on four areas of work in order to improve the lives and communities of food system workers and their families and to participate in the movement for a more sustainable food system. Each member organization participates in at least one of the following program committees:

1.    Workers Leadership Development and Solidarity

Worker solidarity and leadership among workers all along the food chain is key to winning improvements in the workplace. This committee looks for ways that FCWA members can support each other and is developing skills-sharing trainings, workers exchanges, and a resource library for FCWA members. Click here to read more about our workers leadership development and solidarity work.

2.     Policy & Standards

This committee works towards policies, certification programs, and standards that ensure protections for workers, their families, and their community and for our food supply and the environment. Additionally, a myriad of programs exist to certify food as fair trade or worker-friendly.  This committee evaluates these programs and collaborates in this area with other organizations and programs that include workers in their decision-making process. As part of this work, the Alliance is a member of the Domestic Fair Trade Association. Click here to read more about our policy and standards work.

3.    Campaigns

This committee is exploring potential joint coordinated campaigns between various members of the FCWA along different points of the food supply chain. This committee also develops actions to act in solidarity with other workers’ organizations and related campaigns. Click here to read more about our campaigns work.

4.    Education & Communications

This committee creates tools and strategies to educate the public and the media about the issues facing food system workers and the work of the FCWA. Click here for more information about our education and communications work, as well as links to other educational materials and multimedia.