Media Coverage of the Food Chain Workers Alliance

The Food Chain Workers Alliance has published two reports. Click here to see the media coverage from the release of “The Hands That Feed Us: Challenges and Opportunities for Workers Along the Food Chain” in June 2012 and A Dime A Day: The Impact of the Miller/Harkin Minimum Wage Proposal on the Price of Foodin October 2012.

Click here for media coverage of our past International Food Workers Weeks!

Other articles and news reports featuring or written by FCWA:

  • Coverage of our 3/31/14 Cesar Chávez Day of Action to Raise the Minimum Wage:

* “Food Chain Workers Take Action on Cesar Chavez Day” by FCWA Executive Director Joann Lo on the Huffington Post, 3/27/14

* “What’s the legacy of Cesar Chavez?featuring an interview with FCWA Associate Director Jose Oliva on Public Radio International (PRI) by Angilee Shah, 3/31/14

* “If You Care About the Conditions of Farm Workers, It’s Probably Thanks to These Amazing People,” by Twilight Greenaway on, 3/28/14

* “Farmworkers Join Call for Higher Wages,” about the delegation to Senator Nelson’s office led by the Farmworker Association of Florida, by WMFE 90.7 radio, 3/31/14

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