Alliance member Restaurant Opportunities Centers United has launched an exciting new national campaign, Dignity at Darden. In December 2011, workers from the Capital Grille Restaurant stood up for dignity in their restaurant company. On January 31st, 2012, Capital Grille workers in New York, Chicago, and in the Washington, DC area filed federal litigation against Capital Grille’s parent company Darden for discrimination and wage theft. Soon after, workers in Los Angeles and Miami joined the lawsuit and campaign.  Employees at all of the 1,680 Darden Restaurants across America – such as Capital Grille, Red Lobster, and Olive Garden – deserve to be given equal opportunities, to be fully and fairly compensated for their efforts, and to enjoy a safe and healthy workplace. Listen to workers’ stories on the website and sign the petition asking Darden to sit down with the workers and the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United to find real, meaningful solutions to workers’ claims.

CALL   the   Darden    Restaurant    Group   to    let   them    know   that:

1. You support Darden workers protesting against wage theft and discrimination in their workplace. Tell Darden to sit down and meet with the workers and resolve their issues immediately!

2. Tell them that you saw in the ROC Diners’ Guide that Darden pays low wages to their workers – as low as $2.13 for servers – and does not provide basic benefits like paid sick days. Say that as a consumer you want Darden to take the high road and be a responsible employer by treating workers with respect and providing decent wages and paid sick days!

Contact Darden: 407-245-4000, PO Box 695011, Orlando, FL 32869-5011