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How FCWA Supported Worker Organizing in 2021

As we close out the second year of this unprecedented public health crisis, food workers are still on the frontlines and still largely unprotected. Although the pandemic led to a newfound visibility for food workers, it has not changed the pre-existing conditions of a profit-driven, corporate-consolidated, racist and exploitative food and labor system.

Despite these challenges, food workers continue to organize. They are organizing both to protect their lives and livelihoods right now, and to build worker power in the food system for the long term by creating strong worker organizations. On December 17, the Burgerville Workers Union in Portland ratified the first ever labor collective bargaining agreement in the nations’ fast food industry. Workplace organizing victories like this as well as local policy wins like the New York Hero Act are what will protect workers and also allow them to build power.

That’s why the Food Chain Workers Alliance is committed to building the infrastructure workers need to organize effectively. We provide a space for our 34 member groups to share strategies, develop worker leaders, and build solidarity across the food chain. We play a critical role in amplifying and scaling up our members’ campaigns by strategizing, creating materials, helping members obtain national and regional media coverage, and soliciting support from a wide network of allies.

In the past two years, our Alliance has reaffirmed our commitment to building capacity for worker-led organizing, added new re-granting programs for our members, and accelerated our policy work as new demands emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic. Moving into 2022, we will continue to expand programs that support the infrastructure of food worker movements and strategically intervene on policy efforts to center worker voices

Together we are building a strong food worker movement—in which workers and organizations can build solidarity across the food chain, share strategies, and build a collective vision.

Learn how our Alliance is doing this work by checking out our 2021 annual report below.