While most employers in the food system do not pay good wages nor provide good benefits, some do. The following are resources through which you can find companies in which workers have a union or in which the employers are following standards higher than what the law requires:

  • High-road restaurants from the Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United – ROC annually releases the National Diners’ Guide which rates the country’s largest 150 restaurant chains and also lists “high-road” restaurants that go above and beyond what the law requires and that work with ROC to improve the industry. The Guide is available in pdf and as a smartphone app.
  • Union food service companies with UNITE HERE – UNITE HERE represents over 90,000 workers in food service, at universities, stadiums and sports arenas, airports, corporate and government cafeterias, and many more. UNITE HERE has a list of airports where it represents food service, retail, news and gifts, duty free, and/or airline catering employees.
  • Social justice standards through the Agricultural Justice Project – The Agricultural Justice Project (AJP) is a third-party certification program designed to create fairness and equity throughout the food system, including agriculture, food processing and production, and retail.   AJP’s social justice standards cover fair pricing for producers, labor rights and living wages, and health and safety. You can find a list of Food Justice-Certified farms and food businesses on the AJP website.
  • Fair Food Program for tomato farmworkers in Florida – The Fair Food Program is a unique farmworker- and consumer-driven initiative consisting of a wage increase supported by a price premium paid by corporate purchasers of Florida tomatoes and a human-rights-based Code of Conduct, applicable throughout the Florida tomato industry. The Fair Food Program emerged from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ (CIW) successful Campaign for Fair Food, a campaign to affirm the human rights of tomato workers and improve the conditions under which they labor.
  • Unionized food processing companies in Southern California with UFCW Local 770 – The UFCW Local 770 represents packinghouse plants, food processing and manufacturing throughout Southern California. See the list of represented companies on their website.