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Call on La Brea Bakery to Treat Workers with Justice!

*From member CATA – the Farmworkers’ Support Committee*

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Last week, beginning on March 12, more than 100 Latino workers were unfairly fired from their jobs with LaBrea Bakery in Swedesboro, NJ. The company recently conducted an internal I-9 re-verification and fired anyone who couldn’t present the requested paperwork. Although many of them have worked at the bakery for more than 10 years and felt that LaBrea was like a second family, many were treated like delinquents and given no advance warning despite all the years they have dedicated to the company.

In addition to these unjust firings is, since the international corporation Arytza bought the bakery two years ago bought the bakery, there have been many changes in the workplace which are not favorable to the workforce. Examples of this include the rollback of medical benefits, eliminating paid sick days, increased pressure to work quickly and more.

Given these circumstances, the workers delivered a letter on Monday, March 17 seeking a dialogue with the company in the next two weeks.  We expect the company to fully respect the rights of workers to meet together and to seek legal advice. Workers who were fired want the opportunity to ask for their jobs back and, if that is not possible, to receive some compensation for their years of service.

Please sign this petition to show John Yamin, CEO of the Americas at Arytza AG that the company should talk to the workers about their concerns in the workplace and about the way fired workers were treated!