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By September 18, 2010February 20th, 2015Front Page, Take Action

Sign Street Vendor Projects’ Petition to Lift the Caps on Vending Permits and Licenses in NYC!


Sign the Petition HERE!

Members of the Street Vendor Project have been hard at work on an important legislative campaign to lift the caps on vendor permits and licenses.  Despite attempts at making an honest living, vendors are subject to a litany of unjust regulations which make their work an incredible challenge. Since the early 1980s, an arbitrary cap has been placed on the number of available food permits and general vending licenses. This cap effectively makes street vending illegal for thousands of vendors and has led to the creation of a black market where permits (originally purchased from the City for $200) are now sold upwards of $20,000.

Lifting the caps on permits and licenses would decriminalize vending for hard-working immigrant communities, generate revenue for the City, and put an end to this illegal black market. 

Join the Street Vendor Project, Urban Justice Center, Council Members, customers, and many other worker and immigrant rights organizations to support this bill by signing this petition!