Mrs Greens Market

Congrats to the Mrs. Green’s Market workers who were fired for organizing! They’re going back to work!

Read this message from the workers:

“After being wrongfully terminated this past January for practicing our right to organize in our workplace and 6 months of walking the picket line through 3 seasons (winter, spring and summer/ snow, rain and heat) we are pleased to say that WE ARE GOING BACK TO WORK. This could not have been possible without our community, the Union, politicians and the government (NLRB). When Mrs. Green’s fired us they told us we were being let go because of “bad customer service” and “low sales”. We and you all knew that wasn’t the case at all. Mrs. Green’s is not giving our jobs back because they are trying to do the right thing, but because the government is forcing them to. Not only the NLRB has played a big part of this decision but also our community, the union and politicians that stood with us through these 6 months. This is a huge VICTORY for US but the reality is that we are returning to work with the same fears we had last year when we tried to organize. This is not over, we still need your support and protection at work. The last time we worked at Mrs. Green’s lead to the most difficult time in our lives. Thank You for your support and continue to stand with us as we go back to work.”

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