We are workers in the food system, employed on farms, in factories, warehouses, trucks, supermarkets, restaurants, cafeterias, selling food on the streets and much more. We are organizing locally and globally to improve our working conditions and have a say in our workplaces and in our communities.


The 2023 Food Worker Summit is in Springdale, AR!


It’s International Food Workers Week!

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It's International Food Workers Week! We started IFWW in 2012 to uplift workers in the food system and call for the public to support worker organizing. The week of U.S.…

2023 Food Worker Summit Recap

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We are reinvigorated for the year to come after wrapping up our 12th annual Food Worker Summit last month! 65 workers and organizers from 19 groups gathered in Springdale, Arkansas…

FWMA : Here We Go Again

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español abajo On June 30 2023, Representative Lofgren and other house members introduced a new version of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act (Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2023). Food Chain…

Procuring Food Justice: read our new report on a decade of values-based procurement

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artwork by Emitxin New Report Exposes Corporate Control of Public Supply Chains and the Communities Reclaiming Them español abajo A new report released today from the Food Chain Workers Alliance…

The Food Workers Organizing Institute!

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On International Workers' Day, we're excited to announce the launch of our Food Workers Organizing Institute! español abajo Since our founding in 2009, the Food Chain Workers Alliance has been…

Meet our 2023 Member Organizer Fellows

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español abajo In 2021, FCWA launched our new Member Organizer Fellowship Program to support a cohort of organizers and senior worker leaders anchored in our member groups. Fellows are funded…

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We represent over 375,000 farmworkers, warehouse, meatpacking and distribution workers, restaurant industry and workers all along the food chain and all across the country.

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The Food Chain Workers Alliance focuses on four areas of work in order to improve the lives and communities of food system workers and their families. Each member organization participates in at least one of the four program committees.


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