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As we look ahead past the 2020 elections we remain focused on the urgent needs facing food workers in this moment. Food worker exploitation is deeply set into U.S. laws and structures, and there is a long fight ahead to ensure economic and social justice for all workers. We know that worker leadership, creativity, and solidarity will point the way forward. We take inspiration from ongoing food worker organizing during the pandemic — from farmworkers, packing house workers, warehouse workers, restaurant workers and more demanding health and safety protections, to excluded workers across the country demanding inclusion in benefits. 

When we see the extent to which massive corporations will go to suppress worker organizing and avoid even basic protections — like the millions poured into Prop 22 by gig economy employers in California — we know that supporting worker organizing is more critical than ever.

It is unconscionable that 7 months into a deadly pandemic there are still no mandatory national health and safety protections, no federal pandemic relief for millions of excluded workers, and no premium pay for those working in hazardous conditions. Food workers, and other workers across this country urgently need action. We call on Congress and a Biden administration to enact these emergency measures immediately. 

Going forward, we call for a broad and expansive workers rights agenda that lifts up workers’ right to organize, health and safety, migrant and racial justice. This agenda must be guided by and grounded in the organizing and demands of Black, Indigenous and workers of color. We stand in solidarity with food workers around the country fighting for safe workplaces and power to shape our working conditions and our lives.

“Forming and growing the power of food worker unions is a literal survival fight for workers of color.” @brandworkers

Photo: Warehouse Workers for Justice. Warehouse workers demand basic protections and respect without the fear of retaliation for speaking up outside candy giant Mars/Wrigley headquarters.