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Our annual week of action is BACK!

Since 2012, the Food Chain Workers Alliance has recognized the week of Thanksgiving in the U.S. as International Food Workers’ Week. This is a special time to document problems in the food system, how food workers are organizing, and what the public can do to support them.

There are over 21.5 million workers in the U.S. food system, and they occupy some of the lowest paid jobs in our entire workforce. These workers struggle to pay for their own meals while they feed us. They are denied good wages, fair scheduling, paid and unpaid sick leave, and they do back-breaking, hazardous work. Many are undocumented or migrant workers. Many are people of color. Almost all of them are struggling to survive and thrive.

In 2019, we started using the hashtag #FoodWorkersRising to bring awareness specifically to worker-led campaigns across the food system. This year from November 21-29, we are sharing important food worker fights and calls-to-action that you can support. Some of these #FoodWorkersRising actions are national in scope, and some may be happening in your own community.

FCWA was founded to connect disparate struggles across the food chain, and to make sure labor figures centrally in the “food justice” movement. As we enter the holiday season, and gather with loved ones to enjoy meals together, don’t forget food workers! From farmworkers to meatpacking workers, to truck drivers, warehouse workers, cooks, grocery store workers, street vendors, and everything else – show your support and stand with food workers today!

Follow along at our #FoodWorkersRising landing page to learn more and take action.