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It’s International Food Workers Week!

We started IFWW in 2012 to uplift workers in the food system and call for the public to support worker organizing. The week of U.S. Thanksgiving is an opportune time to reflect on the food chain: 22 million people work in our food system, and our economy and daily sustenance depends on these essential workers. During the height of the pandemic, we relied on them to stay working in fields, processing plants, warehouses, grocery stores, and restaurants while so many people stayed at home.

Yet, the national median wage for food workers is just $10 per hour, and food workers are forced to rely on food stamps to feed themselves and their families at more than twice the rate of the general workforce. Discriminatory and abusive practices are commonplace for workers in our food system, particularly for women, immigrants, and people of color.

Food workers continue fighting to stop exploitation and improve their conditions and communities. In 2023, FCWA members have been organizing against child labor rollbacks, anti-immigrant policies, and employer retaliation. Others organized for heat stress protections, fair labor standards, and critical environmental policies. We cannot have healthy food systems as long as food workers are being exploited.

In honor of International Food Workers Week, you can take action in support of FCWA member campaigns today:

REGISTER: Southern Human Rights Organizer Conference in Nashville, TN
SHROC is a unique opportunity for human rights organizers and grassroots organizers to come together to share strategies, learn from each other, and build relationships.

SIGN: Petition for an Excluded Workers Fund in NYS
Unemployment insurance is an essential labor right. We are calling on Governor Hochul and NYS legislators to repair the holes in our safety net and prevent the most vulnerable workers from being excluded again.

DONATE: Los Cabricanecos Campaign
Construction workers at the Super Best Cleaning in Brooklyn have experienced wage theft, hazardous conditions, exposure to chemicals without protection, and retaliation for organizing. Support their fight!

DONATE: Burgerville Workers’ Union Defense Fund
Since the start of communications with management about negotiations, we have received only a torrent of opposition. We are asking folks to give to our Defense Fund so we can effectively support our members across the PNW.