Please join us to call on the U.S. Senate to take immediate action to protect workers! 

  • Tell your Senator to make sure the next COVID-19 relief bill ensures that OSHA issues Emergency Standards to Protect Workers from COVID 19! 
  • Tell your Senator #NoCorporate Immunity! #PeopleOverProfits 


Call 202-224-3121 to be automatically connected to your senator.

Use This Sample Script:

Hello, I’m calling from (city, state). I urge Senator____to pass the COVID-19 Every Worker Protection Act of 2020, which would demand that OSHA issue Emergency Temporary Standards to protect all workers from the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. It is unacceptable that some members of Congress are more concerned with corporate immunity than with the health and safety of our essential workers. I urge you to vote to ensure that OSHA does its job and issues an emergency standard requiring all employers to provide specific and necessary protections for workers.


Time is running out for Congress to act to protect workers. On Thursday July 30, please join us to call on the U.S. Senate to take immediate action to protect workers!

As COVID cases worsen across the country, there are still no mandatory federal health and safety guidelines from OSHA. This week the Senate is debating the next stimulus package. The COVID-19 Every Worker Protection Act of 2020 — which compels OSHA to pass an emergency temporary standard — was included in the HEROES Act and passed by the House.  Now, the Senate must do the same and include the COVID-19 Every Worker Protection Act of 2020 in the next stimulus package! Workers have the right to a safe workplace!

Sen. McConnell has promised to protect big corporations such as nursing homes and meatpacking plants from being held accountable when they fail to adequately safeguard the health and safety of workers and customers. This is unacceptable! 

Join us in calling on Senators to protect workers, not corporate profits. 

Endorsed by:

  • Food Chain Workers Alliance
  • Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Venceremos
  • Alianza Agricola
  • CATA: The Farmworkers Support Committee
  • Farmworkers Association of Florida
  • Migrant Justice
  • Laundry Workers Center
  • ROC-United
  • Rural Community Workers Alliance
  • Street Vendors Project
  • Workers Center of Central NY
  • Worker Justice Center of New York
  • Pioneer Valley Worker Center
  • United for Respect
  • (UE) United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America
  • (NCOSH)National Council for Occupational Safety & Health
  • Project South
  • California Institute for Rural Studies
  • Fair World Project
  • (NLG-LEC)National Lawyers Guild – Labor & Employment Committee,
  • HEAL Food Alliance
  • Idaho Organization of Resource Councils