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november, 2020

19novAll DaySupport NYC Street Vendors

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There are 20,000 street vendors in NYC. Vendors who are primarily immigrants, people of color, and women, keep their city running. But a racist, outdated cap on permits required to run a food cart forces thousands to either work in fear of police harassment without one, or rent a permit in the underground market for up to $25,000. This broken system has gone on for far too long.

On November 12th street vendors from throughout NYC held a historic march across the Brooklyn Bridge demanding:

  • NYC council lift the cap on street vendor permits which hasn’t been updated in decades.
  • NYC Council pass a resolution to end police harassment of street vendors 
  • Financial relief for street vendors who have been financially harmed by COVID19.

Read more about NYC’s street vendors in this powerful NYT expose


Tweet your Support for NYC Street Vendors Today 

Here are some sample tweets:

Demand an end to the racist, outdated vending system that criminalizes NYC street vendors. @NYCMayor @NYCCouncil pass #intro1116 NOW!

Photo 1: Manuel. 

 You read Manuel’s powerful story of surviving by street vending in the @nytimes piece by @arrejuan & @dgbxny

 He’s asking you, @NYCCouncil @NYCMayor, to respect our work. Respect the work of NYC’s street vendors.

Pass #Intro1116 Now!

Photo 2: Yu Xia

“Even after all these yrs, I still don’t have my own permit. I spend $20,000 every 2 yrs to rent someone else’s

 Normally, this is a huge burden. Now during the pandemic, it’s made my situation even more difficult” – Yu Xia, Flushing vendor

 @NYCMayor @NYCCouncil Pass #Intro1116!


Cover photo: Salvador Espinoza 


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