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The Food Chain Workers Alliance stands firmly with the majority.

The majority deplore the racist, anti-Semitic rallies and bloodshed in Charlottesville this weekend. Right-wing white nationalists and neo-nazi terrorists took to the streets in support of a racist, bigoted, and authoritarian ideology that predicates itself on the oppression of women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, religious minorities, and indigenous peoples.

The moment is urgent. We have a duty to speak out and act boldly against that ideology and its consequences. The violence that threatened Charlottesville is threatening us all and is especially threatening working people of all colors and creeds.

We must make our struggle universal. The only way to fight back against their torches, weapons, and the violence of these white supremacists is with unity and strength of all workers of all races and genders. We need to be clear to everyone that food workers are on the side of equity, inclusion, and justice, not bigotry and terror. We, at theFood Chain Workers Alliance, condemn in the strongest possible terms these deplorable, shameful, and racist events in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend. We commit to taking action and pouring out onto the streets in unity.