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Nationwide Today President Trump announced the end of the DACA program, which for over five years allowed over 800,000 immigrant youth to work and attend school.


Trump made this decision despite repeatedly telling immigrant youth not to worry.  This is another action by this administration that must not be left to stand without widespread repudiation and resistance in every sector and every corner of our country. The Food Chain Workers Alliance stands squarely with young immigrants and against any form of hate regardless of where it emanates.


For the food sector in particular, which has a high concentration of immigrants and youth, the rejection of any solutions that are based on the recognition of the full dignity of every human being is a huge blow to the function of an already stressed food system. Young immigrants are among the 21.5 million people who plant, pick, transport, pack, process, cook and serve the food we eat every day.  Rejecting them is to be blind to how we are fed.  Young immigrants are the backbone of the food system.


We call on food businesses, labor unions, health professionals, and anyone who eats to stand with immigrant workers.


Although we are heartbroken and enraged, it is crucial in this moment to revive the tremendous organizing power and energy that won DACA in the first place. Now, more than ever, we must all stand up and fight alongside immigrant youth and their elders that came to this country for a better life.