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Good Food Purchasing Passes Chicago City Council!

New measure will ensure transparency in food systems and generate millions in revenue for local farmers, food-based businesses and communities.

A New Day in the City of Broad Shoulders

Today, the City of Chicago became the first city outside of California to adopt the Good Food Purchasing Policy. The work to pass the ground-breaking resolution was lead by the Chicago Food Policy Action Council and a broad multi-sector coalition that included over 40 local and national organizations. Food Chain Workers Alliance worked closely with CFPAC on the ground and nationally. The policy will transform the way agencies purchase food and will work by promoting health and well-being to Chicagoans while creating a sustainable, socially responsible food system that has the potential of returning millions of dollars to local, food-based businesses and entrepreneurs.

Once implemented, the measure will impact a significant portion of nearly $200 million in spending toward local food businesses and farmers. The policy will prioritize nutrition, affordability, local economies, sustainable production practices, sound environmental practices, fair prices for producers, safe and fair working conditions for employees and food workers, and humane treatment of animals.

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