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Solidarity with immigrants is a core value of the FCWA. As such, our members asked how could we collectively support the caravan of Central American migrants who are seeking asylum in the United States but are stuck in Mexico as the Trump administration refuses to process their asylum applications in a timely manner.

We partnered with DREAM Team LA to collect donations and organize a delegation to deliver supplies to the migrants waiting across the border. Each of our organizations contributed funds, and we also fundraised from supporters and member groups. With over $700, we bought new t-shirts and toiletries and created 100 care packages. We also collected donations of used clothing, toys, books, and shoes from community members in Los Angeles.

On December 9, 2018, our delegation drove down to the border. Our Co-Director Joann Lo, her two children, and our intern Kayla Jaspeado took a van full of donations to a migrant camp that had been rained out of Benito Juarez park in Tijuana–their tents displaced from the park onto the street. Even under difficult conditions, the people in this camp are doing what they can to collaborate as a community. They cook together and work together to keep the camp clean and safe.

Thank you to everyone who donated money or clothes and other items for the migrants!We especially thank our Communications Associate Jose Lopez for taking the lead on our behalf to organize the collection of donations and putting together the care packages.

We are organizing another delivery of food on December 26. If you would like to donate to help us buy food for the migrants, click here. Thank you!