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Currently our member organization, United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Local 770, has an active campaign at Overhill Farms. This fight began in 2009 when Overhill Farms unjustly fired 254 workers claiming “irregularities with their documentation,” and almost 10 years later the fight continues as Overhill Farms continues to deny workers the respect and dignity they deserve. Overhill Farms Workers continue to stand strong and united, fighting for a fair union contract with the support of UFCW Local 770, despite the company’s countless attempts to intimidate them.UFCW 770’s Bargaining Committee Members have been negotiating with Overhill Farms on behalf of 400 packinghouse employees working at two plants in Vernon, California. Unfortunately, Overhill Farms has failed to agree to a fair union contract for Overhill Farms workers which we know means livable wages, affordable health care, respect, and dignity on the job.

After receiving yet another bad contract proposal, UFCW Overhill farm workers have voted to authorize a strike. Stand in solidarity with the 400 Overhill Farms’ Union Employees strike and stand up to Overhill Farms! Get the latest updates and find how you can plug in or support the Overhill Farm Workers’ Campaign by following their Facebook page @OverhillFarmsWorkers.