International Food Workers Week (IFWW) is held annually the week around Thanksgiving to engage the public about the importance of food workers and to move people to take action in support of the workers. Events or actions around the U.S.  are organized by FCWA, member groups, and allies.

Take action now by signing these petitions  and pledges below to support food worker campaigns!

  • Demand Respect for Workers at Taylor Farms – In the wake of a recent chemical spill that sent 20 Taylor Farms workers in Tracy to the hospital, we call on the company to meet the demands of workers to respect their rights to safe working conditions. Please sign this petition from the Teamsters!
  • Friends of the EarthCenter for Biological DiversityROC-United, and the Food Chain Workers Alliance are urging Darden Restaurants to adopt more sustainable practices. The petition is asking Darden to purchase food from local, regional, and organic food producers that adhere to verifiable high welfare standards for animals. You can sign the petition HERE!
  • Farmworkers at the Sakuma Brothers Berry Farm in Washington state have been in a years-long struggle for fair pay and rights protection with farm owners. Sakuma Brothers has refused to negotiate and not upheld promises, meanwhile attempting to underpay workers using a piece-rate system, allow basic abuses of rights on the field. Sign the Petition: Tell Driscoll No Dirty Berries! 
  • $15 and Full time at Walmart!  Walmart workers need $15 an hour and access to consistent, full-time hours so that they can take care of our families.  Sign here if you agree!
  • Stop the TPP: A Bad Deal for Food Workers! Ask your congressional representatives to vote against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secretive trade deal that benefits big corporations at the expense of workers and the environment. Sign here!

Join an in person action or event in your city! See a list of actions and events here.